H2D - the hair straighteners that have it all 

Hair straighteners come with lots of technology, and none have more than the cutting-edge models from H2D.

But what does it all mean?

Here’s a no-nonsense guide to hair straighteners technical jargon – and what it really means for your hair.

The must-have technology for hair straighteners. It’s a precious stone that’s one of the best sources of negative ions and infrared technology (don’t worry - we’ll explain those in a minute).

  1. Enjoy smooth silky hair
  2. Seal in your hair’s natural moisture
  3. Eliminate  static electricity (and that means no frizz)
  4. Make your hair more responsive

In fact, Tourmaline hair straighteners are four times more effective than ordinary ceramic hair straighteners. That’s right – four times!

So shiny, silky hair is easier than ever.


Ceramic and Tourmaline infused plates
Again, a must-have  for hair straighteners. Ceramic and Tourmaline infused aluminium plates are the most effective and expensive plates. They’re much better than solid ceramic plates, which are fragile, slow to heat up and prone to temperature variations.

Ceramic-coated aluminium plates, as used by GHD, are the perfect combination. Aluminium heats up very fast, and the ceramic coating disperses the heat evenly, giving better results every time. So no hot spots and no heat damage to your hair.

Hair straighteners with this revolutionary technology:

  1. Are gentler on your hair
  2. Give smoother results
  3. Heat up quicker and maintain an exact temperature
  4. Distribute heat more evenly

Which means brighter, shinier, beautiful hair - every time.


Ion field technology
Hair straighteners wouldn’t be hair straighteners without this technical wizardry.

Solid Ceramic heaters generate a field of negatively charged particles, which works wonders on your hair:

  1. It’s left silkier and shinier
  2. It absorbs water and locks in moisture more easily
  3. Its natural oils are sealed in

Plus, it works faster, dries better and lasts longer, so you’ll save lots of time and effort.


Want your hair straighteners to give you brighter, shinier, silkier hair? Then you need infrared.

This clever technology:

  1. Seals in your hair’s moisture
  2. Prevents it drying out, no more split ends! 
  3. Preserves your hair’s condition
  4. Leaves your hair soft and beautiful

Which means those supermodel styles are easier than ever.


Adjustable temperature
Think all hair straighteners are the same? Think again.

The thing is, not all hair is the same. Some hair needs a higher temperature, some lower.

And without adjustable temperature control, your hair straighteners will either be too hot (damaging your hair) or not hot enough (less effective and won’t last as long).

Adjustable temperature gives you complete control:

  1. Set a temperature that’s just right for your hair
  2. Create beautiful styles more easily
  3. Enjoy longer-lasting effects
  4. Keep your hair in top condition


Rapid heating
Need beautiful hair quickly? Look no further.

When you’re busy, rapid heating technology is the answer to your prayers.

  1. Saves valuable time when you need it most
  2. Heats in seconds to the perfect temperature for your hair
  3. Uses less electricity
  4. Lengthens your hair straighteners’ life

  In fact, rapid-heating technology can reduce by half the total time it takes to style your hair.


Best styling product 
“My H2D hair straighteners are easily the best styling product I have ever bought!”
- Paula, Manchester

Best I have ever tried
“I want to say a really big thank you! H2D hair straighteners are by far the best I have ever tried. I have long, thick, wavy hair and they have really done the trick.”

- Sharron, London


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